A recent study found that 87% of Christians never discover their purpose or go on to live a life they feel like is making a difference. This is bonkers!

So what’s the problem?

Hurt. Habits. & Hangups.

These three things perpetually hold us captive and prevent us from living the life of freedom and purpose that God has created us for.

But God wants more for you and me. He not only wants us to know salvation, but desperately desires that we also find freedom from the past things we have done and the past things others have done to us that hold us back.

Here’s the catch. Forgiveness comes from God, but freedom comes through others.

Salvation is instant, but deliverance is a process. And this process of putting off the old hurts, habits, and hangups, and putting on the new spirit-led life of freedom and purpose, cannot be done alone.

Relationships are the key to freedom.

James 5:16 says, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

If you want to find true freedom from the things in your life that have you hung up and are preventing you from moving forward in the life God has for you, then relationships with others are not an option, they are a must.

Let me just be honest with you about the struggles I’ve faced in my life over the years. I’ve gotten really good at asking God for forgiveness, knowing he can and will forgive me as his child (1 John 1:9). And God is faithful to forgive me for what I did, but he doesn’t determine whether I do it again or not.

It was only when I was willing to open up my struggles to a close group of men that I truly found freedom from the old things in my life that were preventing me from discovering the real purpose God had for me.

This is why we place such a huge emphases at NewPoint on joining a small group.

Small Groups are our pathway to helping you find freedom.

You can browse our small group options and sign up online at www.newpoint.church/groups.

If you don’t find a group that fits you, why not start a group? Email us and let us know you’re interested and we can talk about your next steps in starting a life-changing group.

Don’t let your hurts, habits, and hangups dictate your life anymore. Get help. Find freedom today!