What is 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting?
Every January we take time to refocus our lives around the most important thing, our relationship with God. This specific time of Fasting and Prayer is an incredible tool to help us do just that.
Simply put…Fasting breaks your bondage to things of the flesh so you can feast on the things of God.

How to Prepare:
We will be challenging everyone to a type of fast during this 21 days of prayer. Here are some examples of ways you could fast:

  • Full Fast – Abstaining from all food. Drink liquids only.
  • Partial Fast – Abstaining from certain kinds of food, certain meals, or for a certain time period (a few days a week).
  • Daniel Fast – Eat only vegetables, fruit, water and juice (minimal amount of carbohydrates).
  • Activity / Media Fast – Abstaining from time-consuming activities such as entertainment, hobbies, TV, internet, social media, etc…

Click the link above to access the daily devotional to help you walk through the next 21 days.
In it you’ll find more in-depth information about prayer and fasting, a daily Bible reading, and place to journal.


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